Friday, September 19, 2014

Sale Alert: Crazy 8 Halloween Styles - 40% Off!

Have you picked up your kid's Halloween costumes/themed wear yet? There's an extra 40% off Halloween styles at Crazy 8! 

I might have to pick up this tulle skirt for Evie's kitty costume.
This "Little Pumpkin" shirt is adorable for a toddler girl too. 
This shirt is cute for a little boy...
Their pants are always great quality with adjustable waists for boys! My boys have quite a few of their kaki pants and jeans. These are different look.   

*This post was endorsed by Gymboree, Crazy 8 & Janie & Jack. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Evangeline's Big Girl Room

We recently moved Evie from the nursery to the guest bedroom. She'll be three this fall, so I wanted to spend my summer making the transition. The full source list with links and photos can be found on my Pinterest board Evangeline's Room. Much of her room was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Aubrey Kinch.

First, we decided to move the nursery nightstand and one of the dressers to her new room. The nursery had too much furniture and I wanted to simplify it. I also wanted to save money by reducing the amount of furniture we needed to purchase.

We also moved her kitchen set which was a Christmas gift to her room.

I painted her room (previously the guest room) a color called Chocolate Froth. We wanted to go with a neutral room color, a color that we wouldn't have to change as she gets older. 
The biggest thing I focused on was downsizing stuff. I didn't want this project to be "buy more stuff," but rather reduce the amount we had, reuse pieces from around the house and only buy a few select pieces. I donated three huge bags of clothes, blankets, miscellaneous items. I gave three bags of clothes away to nieces and nephews. I consigned another three bags of clothes and shoes. I made $165 and counting selling old baby/nursery items online and $130 consigning clothing and shoes! I'm happy to report, the nursery closet is EMPTY! The only thing in there is a baptismal gown and some hangers.
We do plan to have more children, but I realized that I had to let go of items I know we haven't/won't use. I wanted to simplify. As a mom to three, I realize now that I don't need twenty baby blankets going forward, just a few neutral ones. I'm never going to use that Moses basket someone gave me, a themed nursery doesn't doesn't match my home decor, a baby monitor doesn't fit my parenting style and most of the clothes I've been saving are going to be too dated if we are blessed with another baby. I saved only the basics. While I was at it, I purged the boys' closet too.

I used the money I made to purchase items for Evie's new room. 

The only piece of furniture we needed to buy was a bed. I searched high and low for the perfect white bed. I had a lot of needs for the bed. I wanted a full size bed. The ceiling is sloped, so I could not purchase a canopy bed or a bed with a tall headboard. I wanted a bed that did not need a box spring (to save money as we re-used a mattress that was already in the guest room). I ordered Pottery Barn Teen's Lilac Bed in white. It arrived and was NOT white! It was a cream colored bed that just looked off. We had to return it. A friend suggested Land of Nod's Jenny Lind Bed. I fell in love with it.

It's been a long process, mostly waiting for items from Etsy to arrive. The handmade tassel garland and pink elephant taking a few weeks.

The hanging swing was something we debated, but ultimately was a birthday gift from her Gran. We thought it was a unique piece, even if there will be limited years of use.

Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY: Flower Crown

I wanted to share the video I used to create Evangeline's flower crown that she wore for our family photos. I'm terrible with flower arrangements normally, but I enjoyed this project. It was easy. I would recommend going over the wired edges with floral tape for comfort when wearing. Try to create the crown as close to the event time as possible, as it does dry out quickly. Here's Evie at our recent annual family photos! I can't wait to share the rest from our session.


Friday, September 5, 2014


I can't believe it, but somehow I have I a six year old.
We kept his party simple and went to mini golf course nearby and had pizza and cake at our house. 
I promised him a gold numbered balloon for his birthday. I had no idea that they cost $10! 
I was just re-reading his birth story and looking at the photos. I wish he could be a tiny again! 
He started school yesterday and I almost teared up. I remember his birth so vividly, that it doesn't seem possible six years have passed by. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2015 Planner

I was planner junkie in college (they were a necessity back then before smartphones). I had The Original Student Planner all fours years at LaSalle and it was amazing. Stickers to place on the calendar that said "Assignment Due," "Final Exam," "Test," etc. Sections for work, school and social life. If you're in college or grad school, you have to get this award winning planner.

I haven't had a planner since. Then I registered Christopher for school and I was inundated with calendars, deadlines, events, registrations, etc. On top of that, it's the beginning of busy season for my photography business and the boys are doing soccer and Evie ballet. I needed to get things organized. 
DO use my iPhone calendar which syncs to my iMac, but the trouble is events appear as a dot. Just looking at my calendar I can't tell if those dots are important or insignificant without clicking into EACH one. It also doesn't work well for to-do lists. It doesn't automatically include holidays which has caused scheduling problems in the past.

I purchased the Kate Spade Gold Dots Agenda in large. They were sold out of medium. It was $36. 
• Hardcover, cute design
• Monthy calendars 
• Tabs for each month
• Days of the week with note section
• Folder pocket at front 
• Spiral binding 
• Cover strap

• No to-do list (I did find this companion
• No hourly breakdown of each day
• No meal planning section 
• Calendar layout is small 

I was considering The Day Designer for the features like hourly breakdown of each day, to-do list every day, dinner menu section and don't forget box. The cons of this planner were no tabs, no cover strap, bulky and big price tag. It was also constantly out of stock. I'm open to purchasing it in the future, especially if life gets more complex. 

Do you use a planner? What have you tried and liked or disliked?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stone Harbor, NJ 2014

Earlier this month we took our annual vacation to Stone Harbor, NJ.
We go with Chris' side of the family (his mom, sister, my niece and nephew). This year Chris had to work, but he was able to join us for the weekend and on Friday. It was forecasted to be a dreary week, but the weather held up most of the time allowing us to enjoy the beach, pool, mini golf, ice cream and my favorite shopping downtown.
I kept things simple at the beach since I was alone by just bringing a towel and letting the kids each take a few toys they could carry back. 

SallyKate Photography was kind enough to recommend these boots for the beach. If you have a toddler that wants you to carry them through the hot sand on the beach, try rubber boots!

We enjoyed dinner out a few nights... well as ice cream at Springers. 

I love how pretty the shop streets are. 
I picked up a few vintage pieces downtown for my Mom's birthday and hooded sweaters for the kids. 
It was a relaxing week and we are grateful to my mother-in-law for providing us with a place to stay! 
When/where did you vacation this year? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

July 4, 2014

This was the first time I've ever used sparklers. EVER. They aren't sold here in NJ, so our relatives brought us some from PA for Independence Day.
We spent the holiday at my parent's beach house in Bethany Beach, DE which has become a tradition over the last few years.

Mini golf, the beach, some outlet shopping and rides at Rehobeth Beach made for a fun time despite the rain. I missed my firework photos, due to the rain but the sparklers were a good change up.

How did you spend the 4th of July? What are your traditions?