Monday, November 24, 2014

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

You've seen it all over Instagram, try it this holiday season! I'm hosting an online "Lash Bash." Younique 3D Fiber Mascara is a two step mascara product. Apply the mascara gel and then a coat of fibers to get the look of false lashes with a naturally based product. It's gluten and paraben free. The fibers are made of tiny tea leaves. Want to see the results? Check out my video below and shop here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yankee Candle vs. Bath & Body Works Candle

I had a free gift from Bath & Body Works recently as well as several coupons and free shipping, so I placed my first order. Yes, I've never purchased from them before!

I went with four hand washes which were on sale 4 for $4.50. I figured it would make a good holiday gift for Christopher's bus drivers/teachers under $5! 

I also ordered three fall scented candles: Leaves, Sweater Weather and Pumpkin Cupcake. They were $11 each. Two candles equal the standard Yankee Candle $28 size. 

B&BW's candles have three wicks per candle which makes a huge difference in burning evenly! They are lead free wicks too. Yankee only has one wick which causes uneven burning. 

B&BW's candles give out so much more throw that Yankee. My whole house fills lightly with the scent. Yankee Candles only scent filled one-two rooms in my house. 

The half sized B&BW candles gets much less black soot build up compared to the standard Yankee Candle and allows me to get two different scents for less than the price of one Yankee Candle. 

I only burn candles September-December and I think I've converted from Yankee Candle to Bath & Body Works.

What's your favorite brand of candle? What's your favorite candle scent? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Room Mom

There's so much to blog, I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with Kindergarten Orientation. I knew the moment I walked into the classroom, everything was going to be good. His teacher had the classroom decorated with balloons, welcome packets and treat bags for each student. She was dressed up for the occasion in a dress and heels:)
The school works as a team for each grade level sharing resources and each class has a theme for the year. Christopher's class theme is the bumble bee, so the classroom decor/organization is all based on that theme.
The first day of school he got onto the bus and didn't even look back to wave. That was bittersweet. I knew he was ready, but wasn't quite ready emotionally.
Here's some detailed info for those interested:

-Classes are half day

-Bus picks up at our house/drop off at corner

-Christopher has the pm session

-They have library, gym, spanish, music and computer lab once a week

-"Handwriting Without Tears" for penmanship

-Harcourt Math Expressions

-Harcourt Reading

-Writing portfolios

-3 field trips this school year (farm, post office and library)

-1-2 special events in the classroom per month

-1-2 special school events per month

-Homework packet is due at the end of the week

-Monthly calendar with mini assignments for each day is due at the end of the month

There was a lottery to be one of the two room moms in the classroom. I got selected in the drawing because I was the only one that signed up. It was a little overwhelming with responsibilities and I was thinking what did I get myself into when I received the congratulatory email. Then I just went right into my teacher planning mode and began pinning activities and shopping for supplies ;) 
As room mom, I attend field trips, class parties, coordinate events for the class, volunteer for school events, email parents event information and ask for classroom donations. VolunteerSpot is a great resource for collecting donations! You do not need to create an account to sign up to donate and organizers can list specific needs (food, drink, supplies) which are marked once they are filled to prevent doubles of items.

I'll have an update in another month or two after parent/teacher conferences and events. Any Room Moms reading that have words of advice? 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bohemian Look

I'm not a fashion blogger (like Cara Loren, Grace, Audrey or Sydney), but I thought it would be more organized to do a separate post with my photos and look sources from our family portrait session.

This photo was right before I fell in waist deep. I went to sit down and lost my balance. The water was so gross! I'm talking two feet of mud, dead leaves, bugs and debris. Not to mention it was freezing. Thank goodness we were headed on a weekend trip, so I happened to have a change of clothes in the car.

My photographer friend totally used me falling in as an excuse for me to get in the water for some photos. It took a great deal of convincing because I was afraid of bugs or frogs or snakes, but finally I obliged.

I went to put my hand on this tree and right as I did a huge spider climbed up. Literally still gives me chills thinking about it.

This photo is my favorite and made the whole ordeal worth it.
Sandals: Target  |  Dress: Kohl's  |  Feather Necklace: Claire's  |  Rose Headwrap: Claire's

*Photos taken by Dave Justo Productions

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Birthday Wish List 2014

Audrey was kind enough to recommend Pages for my iMac and now I can't stop making collages! My Christmas Wish List was also one of my most viewed posts, so I figured why not share some of my birthday wishes too? ;)

Option 1
I've been wanting a Cortex 4-1 curler for years. I curl my hair pretty frequently with one inexpensive, poor quality curling iron. I can only imagine the possibilities with this one!

Option 2
This is a splurge. I already have the "Wifey" necklace, but I've heard great reviews on this tee.

Option 3
I currently own two nail polishes. A nude and black shade would be great basics for my tiny collection.

Option 4
I'm seriously OBSESSED with leopard print! In the last week I've purchased a leopard scarf and flats.

Option 5
This is another splurge. I'll probably end up with something similar, but less expensive.

Option 6
Aubrey rocks this color and I'm addicted to Mac lip products, so this is a must. I'd prefer it in their lipglass rather than lipstick form.

Option 7
These leggings would be perfect for photography work with a dressy top and heels or for lounging with an oversized tee.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Portraits 2014

We had our annual family portraits taken in late August. I wanted to do a bohemian/enchanted styled session this year, so I went with long dresses for the first time, shorts for the boys and flower crowns.
Last year we did an elegant urban themed session. The year before that a summer garden theme and the year before that a fall theme.

These were all taken at a campground. We got lost a few times and had to ask a park ranger for help. He saw us all dressed up and asked if we were headed to a wedding.

The boys' shirts are from Gap Kids and their sandals are from Payless.

Evangeline's dress was from Etsy and I made her flower crown using this video tutorial.

The water was very deep here, so I was to the right of the tree in case one of them lost balance. It was difficult to cross the branch and I ended up hurting my ankle trying to get the boys on it.

*Photos taken by Dave Justo Productions

Monday, September 22, 2014

Changing Blogspot to a Custom URL

You might have noticed my new blog layout and .com address. I wanted to share some tips on how to change your blogspot to .com.

Step 1: Purchase Domain

GoDaddy had domains on sale for $1 per year! Go to their website or any other domain provider and search for your preferred domain. Keep it easy to remember, spell, and related to your blog or even better your name (you always wanted to brand yourself). 

Step 2: Access Blogger and Domain Accounts

There are many people that offer to convert your blog URL for you, but it's simple and easy to do yourself. You'll need access to your blogger and domain provider account, so sign into both and proceed through each step listed below.

Step 3: Insert Needed Information 

Follow the step by step process listed by Blogger in this article. It's simple and requires copying and inserting the two CNAMEs for your blog into your Domain Name System (DNS). Click save.
Step 4: Wait

It will take ONE hour for your address to go "live," so be patient. After an hour, if your URL isn't working or showing an error message, check that you copied the CNAMEs correctly. I was off by one digit on my first attempt.

Step 5: Enjoy

The best part is anyone who uses your old URL will be automatically redirected to your new one! 

Why use a custom URL? It's easier to remember, attracts quality advertisers, gives a cohesive look and brands your blog. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sale Alert: Crazy 8 Halloween Styles - 40% Off!

Have you picked up your kid's Halloween costumes/themed wear yet? There's an extra 40% off Halloween styles at Crazy 8! 
Option 1
Perfect classic shirt for a little girl for October.  

I might have to pick up this cute skirt for Evie's kitty costume and it could be reused for the holiday season too!

Funny graphic tee for a toddler boy. 

They have tons of kitty themed items and these ears are cute for a costume or just for fun. 

I LOVE Crazy 8 pants for little boys because they have an adjustable waist. My boys already have a few pairs, but these dark ones are a nice change.  

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that clicking on or purchasing through a link may help me earn a small commission for my time. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Evangeline's Big Girl Room

We recently moved Evie from the nursery to the guest bedroom. She'll be three this fall, so I wanted to spend my summer making the transition. The full source list with links and photos can be found on my Pinterest board Evangeline's Room. Much of her room was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Aubrey Kinch.

First, we decided to move the nursery nightstand and one of the dressers to her new room. The nursery had too much furniture and I wanted to simplify it. I also wanted to save money by reducing the amount of furniture we needed to purchase.

We also moved her kitchen set which was a Christmas gift to her room.

I painted her room (previously the guest room) a color called Chocolate Froth. We wanted to go with a neutral room color, a color that we wouldn't have to change as she gets older. 
The biggest thing I focused on was downsizing stuff. I didn't want this project to be "buy more stuff," but rather reduce the amount we had, reuse pieces from around the house and only buy a few select pieces. I donated three huge bags of clothes, blankets, miscellaneous items. I gave three bags of clothes away to nieces and nephews. I consigned another three bags of clothes and shoes. I made $165 and counting selling old baby/nursery items online and $130 consigning clothing and shoes! I'm happy to report, the nursery closet is EMPTY! The only thing in there is a baptismal gown and some hangers.
We do plan to have more children, but I realized that I had to let go of items I know we haven't/won't use. I wanted to simplify. As a mom to three, I realize now that I don't need twenty baby blankets going forward, just a few neutral ones. I'm never going to use that Moses basket someone gave me, a themed nursery doesn't doesn't match my home decor, a baby monitor doesn't fit my parenting style and most of the clothes I've been saving are going to be too dated if we are blessed with another baby. I saved only the basics. While I was at it, I purged the boys' closet too.

I used the money I made to purchase items for Evie's new room. 

The only piece of furniture we needed to buy was a bed. I searched high and low for the perfect white bed. I had a lot of needs for the bed. I wanted a full size bed. The ceiling is sloped, so I could not purchase a canopy bed or a bed with a tall headboard. I wanted a bed that did not need a box spring (to save money as we re-used a mattress that was already in the guest room). I ordered Pottery Barn Teen's Lilac Bed in white. It arrived and was NOT white! It was a cream colored bed that just looked off. We had to return it. A friend suggested Land of Nod's Jenny Lind Bed. I fell in love with it.

It's been a long process, mostly waiting for items from Etsy to arrive. The handmade tassel garland and pink elephant taking a few weeks.

The hanging swing was something we debated, but ultimately was a birthday gift from her Gran. We thought it was a unique piece, even if there will be limited years of use.