Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Update

Everyone has been asking how I'm doing so I wanted to give an update. Well the last three weeks were the worst. I was sick all day long and could barely keep any food down. I lost a pound because of it. Lately, I been feeling better. I only get sick in the morning and I still throw up every morning. The other day I actually threw up while driving to school! LOL On Wednesday I went to my second check up. I got to see the baby on ultrasound which was so cool! It was so tiny! A little lima bean! The doctor said the baby was a good size and we could see the heart beating. I wish we could have gotten a picture. Everything else at my appointment went well. Hopefully everything will keep going well. I'll be able to rest better when I'm 12 weeks and don't have to worry about miscarriage anymore. I think/hope I'm having a boy, but I wouldn't be disappointed with a girl. I think boys are easier to manage (coming from a family with 10 girls) and their so cute! However, if I have a girl we do have a really cool name picked out which I would like to use. Chris would like a boy to, but he thinks I'm having a girl. We'll have to wait and see what we have because we're not going to find out.

Me at 8 weeks

I'm so excited about having a baby! I can't believe I'm going to have one of my own, its weird after taking care of so many brothers and sisters and having a career where I teach/take care of other people's kids. I'm finally going to have one of my own. Yay!Were going to do the nursery with white furniture and the theme alphabet soup. Which is educational and neutral, it also has many textures. Let me know what you think about theme (leave comments)!


  1. Marjorie!!

    I love the theme for the nursery!! IT is very cute!! And perfect for a boy or a girl!!

    Hope all is well with you and Chris!!

    All of us at Gen Life are very excited for you two and your little one!!!
    You're in our prayers!!

  2. Thanks Cristina we can always use prayers. I'm glad you found out about my blog!