Sunday, January 27, 2008

Place Your Vote!

As you all know, Chris and I are not going to find out the gender of the baby. We decided not to find out because we think its so much more exciting to find out the gender when you meet the baby for the first time. It gives me something to look forward to and makes it more exciting for family and friends. My Mom never found out with any of her pregnancies and I can remember how exciting that was for my family when she finally called from the hospital.
It is tempting to find out the gender for financial and planning reasons. I know alot of people want to buy clothes, etc. before the baby is born and decorate a nursery. And I am a huge planner! But we plan to have other children after this baby, so it is probably a better bet to invest in baby items that are neutral anyway. Plus, my Mom had her last baby only four years ago so she saved all of her baby clothes. If I have a boy she has tons of clothes organized by age from my twin brothers (who are five) and she has the same for a girl. Additionally, the clothes are so much nicer than Chris and I could ever afford, so we really luck out.
Anyway, I want to know what everyone thinks were having! So vote for what you think, I created a poll on the left side of this page which will be there until my due date, August 25. Have fun voting and leave feedback on why/why not you would or have found out the gender of your baby!


  1. Haha, I just voted for girl and saw everyone else did too! I don't think we will be finding out the gender either...for the same reasons as you. Makes it a little more exciting :)

  2. Hey MJ, I voted "girl" and so did everyone else! Either way my prayers are for a safe and healthy baby and delivery. I'm glad to hear the appointments are going well and that the morning sickness has calmed down. I am a big planner too, but would like to have my children be a surprise as well. Otherwise it's kind of like peeking before Christmas. I hope all continues to go well. -Ania-

  3. Thanks for voting everyone! It seems like everyone thinks girl.LOL

  4. John and I didn't find out the baby's gender either. You are right, it is so much more fun that way. It really does give you even more to look forward to, especially when you are in labor. It is so easy to go with neutral room decor, strollers, clothes, etc. FYI: When your baby is born you will get even MORE stuff so you will get your pinks or blues along with your greens and yellows from the shower.