Tuesday, February 12, 2008

13 weeks!?!

I had another OB appointment today. I gained 2 and 1/2 pounds which is good. At my last appointment I had lost a pound. I had another ultrasound today!!! I love ultrasounds, they are so cool. The OB said I'm measuring closer to 13 weeks than 12. So my new due date is August 21st. I always welcome being further along than I thought.

The best part of the whole appointment was seeing the baby. It was moving everywhere! It was so amazing, we could see the arms and legs. At one point it looked like it was waving at us. I had no idea babies could move that much so early. It was crazy! I just wish I could feel it. But I know that will come soon enough. At the next appointment I'll be able to hear the heartbeat! Yay!

Hopefully, I will begin to feel better soon. My OB wanted to give me meds for the morning sickness because she's concerned that I can't hold down breakfast, but I said no. I know that those drugs work on my brain and that not many studies have been done to see how it effects the baby. Besides, I'm nearing the end of the sickness anyway (hopefully).

In the meantime, my baby bump is getting a little bigger. I used to have an "innie" belly button, but now its an outie. Chris calls my belly a "beer belly", cause I'm so skinny and I have this tiny belly. LOL So now I have to post a 13 week pic I guess. Soon to come!


  1. I can't wait to see the belly. Did you get any pics of your ultrasounds? (Kelly)

  2. I should have mentioned about the ultraound pics. No, it was a portable ultrasound that was not hooked up to a printer. I wish I brought my camera, it was so cute. I will get pics at 20 weeks though.

  3. Good for you, not taking the meds! I just read a really good book - The Morning Sickness Companion. I highly recommend it.

    We are due exactly one month apart! They moved me to Sept. 21 when they saw the ultrasound :)