Saturday, February 2, 2008

1st Grade

So this week marked the end of my first week of student teaching. I am teaching in a first grade classroom and I love it! There are 21 kids in the class most 6 year olds and some 7 year olds. Their so little and they say the cutest things. One little boy asked how I got a "boo boo" on my hand (I had a small cut). They are a very well behaved, quiet group, not what I was expecting. Many of them struggle with reading and math and need alot of help. They take things very literally and want to help with everything (nice age). This is the youngest class I have ever taught.
My cooperating teacher is great. She lets me plan and do whatever I want. I read stories, play with the kids (in the winter they have indoor recess) and teach them writing (I'll get more responsibilities as time goes on). This week I planned fun groundhog activities, but they kept calling the groundhog a beaver! LOL
The school is great it has a full library, tons of resources (colored paper, notebooks, etc) teachers pay for nothing. The kids also have apple laptops so I can plan lessons using them! I had them go on a webquest (for non-teachers this is where kids find answers to questions by searching the web) to find out about groundhogs and at the end I had them play a groundhog game on the computers. They love everything I plan which is good.
I hope to get a job at this school because its only a mile and a half from my house and starting salary is in the 40,000's with benefits. I have a good chance because their building 3 more kindergarten classrooms and they will also need 2nd grade teachers. There are seven 1st grade classrooms right now and only three 2nd grade classrooms (hence they will need more 2nd grade teachers). Will see I guess, I don't want to get my hopes up. For know I'm loving what I'm doing!
One more thing, I would post pictures of the class, but its illegal so sorry.

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