Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Best 9 Months of my Life

Today Chris and I have been married for 9 months! Our marriage has been wonderful so far. I never have been happier. Chris is a great husband and will be an awesome father. He is so cute! Two weeks ago we were at a diner with another couple and without thinking (as usual) I hugged Chris and said out loud, "Oh, you are so cute!" The other couple was just looking at me and I realized that it sounded so dumb to say out loud. I just love him so much :) Sometimes it's too hard to contain. He has been so helpful and kind to me during this pregnancy. I don't know how I'll make it up to him (probably when I'm in labor).

On another topic, I'm so excited for graduation! I never thought I say that because I have loved college (I love school in general). I will be graduating on Mother's Day and I will definetly look like a mother for the occasion, I'll be six months pregnant. It's kinda weird to be married, pregnant and only 21 years old.

I'm really proud of my accomplishments in school: honors program, elementary/special education degree and a psychology degree with honors in each individual major. What makes me the most happy is that I will graduate and walk with my class. I was worried I couldn't fulfill all the requirements for each major in time to graduate. Plus, people didn't think I would finish college being engaged and married. I did it!

The day is coming soon, I have already got info. about picking up my cap and gown, school ring, diploma and all the events being run for commencement week. I'm hoping/praying for good weather so my whole family can come. It will be the first graduation my brothers/sisters see (we were all homeschooled).

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