Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day :)

Valentine' s Day was alot of fun this year. I got tons of candy, pencils and stickers from the kids I teach (one of the benefits of being a teacher). It was so much fun in the classroom. My cooperating teacher and I planned tons of Valentine activities for the kids: coloring packs, heart and go seek, Valentine stories and of course tons of snacks and food. Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday for 1st graders.

Tonight Chris and I are to going to a really nice restratant in Philly. It's called Fork. Thanks to our friends Marian and John who gave us a gift certificate for our wedding. I'm so excited about getting dressed up and having really good food! Early today were also going to register for my baby shower. I know its early, but I have a four day weekend (another plus of being a teacher) and Chris is off. Its rare that were both off without anything to do. Plus, alot of people reccommended going early because it gives you time to think about what you want. I'll post pics tomorrow or after we get home tonight.

On Saturday Chris and I along with another couple and a friend are going out to dinner in Altantic City! Exciting! Can you believe I lived 30 mins away my whole life and have never been out to dinner or anything there? I have driven down there to go on the beach or boardwalk for a day (gotta love NJ! you can do things like that). I'm going to post lots of pics (don't worry).

One more thing... Chris got me really cute flowers on V-day! I love him! He is such a wonderful, great, caring husband! It was so fun being married for the first time on V-day :) Here's a pic of the flowers:

Share what you did this Valentine's Day! Do you have any special traditions or did you do anything special? Share the exciting or ordinary.


  1. Hey, Marjorie!!! I'm sooo glad you and Chris went to Fork for Valentine's Day! Did you enjoy it?! I hope it was wonderful and romantic and fun! John and I love you guys soooo much! I am praying for you with your pregnancy and hoping you are feeling better! I love reading your blog! :)
    LOVE YOU! and your little one inside! :) xxxooo

  2. Fork was wonderful! I just wish we didn't go on a Friday so we could eat meat. I had a great dessert and Chris got a really nice glass of wine. It was so romantic. We have enough to go back and I'm so excited! Thank you both:)

  3. You're so welcome! Awww, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! YAY! :) And how cool that you can go back again! That's awesome!!! Miss you guys!