Tuesday, March 11, 2008

17 Weeks/4 Months!

I went to my 17 week appointment and heard my baby's heartbeat for the 1st time! It was very cool. The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat at first which scared me then he picked it up. I also weight close to 100 pounds for the first time in my life which I'm really happy about. I'm so excited about my next appointment because I will get a full ultrasound and pictures of the baby for everyone to see! :)

I'm feeling better, finally. No more throwing up. I do get bad migranes occasionally and nose bleeds which the doctor said was from hormones. My back isn't hurting anymore either. I read a great tip online that said to put one foot up on a low stool while standing to eliminate back pain. That worked miracles for my back pain!

Teaching is going really well. I love teaching everyday, it puts me in such a good mood. I think I'm starting to "show." My friends and professors all notice a difference now. I'm still not big enough for strangers to know I'm pregnant though. Here's my 17 week pic:

Here's a close up on my belly (I can't button my pants):


  1. Yay!! I am praying for you 2 every night and getting more and more excited. It must have been such a wonderful experience. I cannot wait myself!!

  2. Hey, Marjorie! For some reason I don't see a pic of you from 17 weeks. :( Would love to though! But I'll see you in person this weekend!!! Yay!

  3. I forgot to let you know about the stool thing for your back. I had to open up the cabinet under the sink to put my foot on it, so my back wouldn't hurt. I'm glad things are going well!


  4. o.k. here's the pics. sorri about that for those who couldn't see them.

  5. Yay!!! SO cute. You look so great!!

  6. Oh my gosh! Marjorie! You're really showing!!! Awww... I can't wait to see you this weekend! You look so beautiful! and Mommy-ish! :)
    <3 Marian

  7. I had migraines too...mainly during the end but yeah they are so common. You do look really good and definitely look pregnant :)

  8. the doctor said their really common (and terrible), i never suffered from headaches that much before i got pregnant.
    i definitely feeling better! i can't believe i look pregnant at only 4 months (the doctor said is exaggrated for me b/c i'm so petite and thin). i'm kinda scared about getting even bigger, i feel like my body can't do it. some guy at work said my belly is going to be bigger than me! LOL

  9. your "exaggerated" belly is definitely proof that your baby is thriving and growing.