Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I had a good Easter vacation overall. Chris and I spent Good Friday with my family visiting churches and going to the 3:00 service. We also went to evening Mass on Holy Thursday. I'm really glad I had Wed-Mon off, even if I did spend Wed-Fri. working on a 10 page paper. Thankfully I got an A on the paper (it was worth alot of my final grade).

I spent Sat. with Chris' Mom. We went shopping for maternity clothes and looked at a other stores which was alot of fun. I was able to get maternity jeans that fit! They are sooooo comfortable (thanks to Chris' Mom).

I didn't sleep much on Sat. night b/c of terrible heartburn. Nothing would help, I had three glasses of milk and tons of tums. When morning came I saw that I had a fever and was feeling pretty bad. I had a cough, sore throat and headache. Plus I was so tired. We went to Chris' Dad's house for lunch, but ledt soon afterwards b/c I wasn't feeling well. I threw-up on the ride home.

I called my OB and he said it sounds like the flu, but to get checked for strep throat. I did on Mon and that's what I'm being treated for. I feel alot better now, but my voice is so sore. I can barely talk, so I called out of teaching today. I should mention that Chris had the same thing, but his flu started on Friday so he was feeling better by Easter.

We'll definelty remember our first married Easter! On a happier note baby jones recieved several gifts from his grandmothers. My Mom made a basket with baby things in neutral colors:

Chris' Mom sent this nest with a onesie and hat and a blanket. Their so soft and cute! :)

Finally my Mom got me this cool charm bracelet (its not real silver, but really neat). You put a charm on for every month you are pregnant and the last charm you can put a picture of the baby!

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