Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, I'm almost have way through my pregnancy! I'll be 20 weeks on Wednesday and I go for my full ultrasound on the 7th! I'm soooo excited about that. I will finally have baby pictures which I will post as soon as I get home. It is so tempting not to find out the gender, knowing that I can so soon. I've really popped, nearly everyone is saying something about my belly now. I feel like I have a ball attached to me. Its hard to get used to. I'm worried about how big I'm going to get and if my body will be able to get any bigger. The fact that I'm pregnant has really sunken in now that my body looks different.

School is almost finished too. Things have been slowing down somewhat. Now its just party/activity planning like the end of the year banquet for education majors, pizza parties, last day of student teaching party and graduation formal. Plus graduation plans! Graduation seemed to far off for so long. I can remember as a freshman being scared of graduation, now I'm just ready.

Lastly, today was Chris' last day on the job. He starts his new job on Monday making $10,000 more! We are so blessed by his new position! The money is defintely needed with a new baby on the way. Well better go were ordering pizza, yay!

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