Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's a Baby!

No, we didn't find out the gender, but we found out that's she/he weights 12oz. Here's the 1st pic of baby jones! This is a picture of the profile of the baby's face and body. It was very difficult to get a good pic because the baby was so low down. The ultrasound tech pushed on my stomach to try to move the baby and when that didn't work she had me go to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom only made the baby go even lower! This baby would not budge! She then had me sit up for awhile which did work in getting the baby to move. The whole process took an hour. Here's another picture:

The appointment went well though. The baby looked very healthy and is very lazy. LOL I have gained 13 pounds to date! I can't tell where the weight went. I am almost 100 pounds now. I can also feel the baby move now. It mostly happens when I am still, like at night or when I'm sitting. The baby doesn't kick much, at least consistently, but it does complete turns like crazy! It makes me laugh because it feels so weird. We were having mock job interviews at LaSalle and the baby was moving like crazy again, I was so distracted.


  1. I pretty much got everything on my registry plus additional clothes and stuff. Whatever I didn't get before the baby was born, people still bought off it when the baby was born...like big things so don't get discouraged if you don't get everything at once. If there were things I really needed and couldn't wait (like the diaper genie, boppy pillow), then I used a gift card someone gave me and bought that stuff.

    Also, Joseph's pediatrician (also our uncle) said that the reason why the baby kicks more at night besides you resting is because night time is when the baby has gas. This happens when the baby is born too. I remember Joseph kicking like CRAZY towards the end between like 8-11pm. Then when he was born he was fussy for that exact time too. Kinda funny :)

  2. Well I feel alot better now about the registry. Thankfully both of our parents have purchased all of the nursery furniture which are the most expensive items.
    That's weird about the gas. I didn't know they could get that in utero.