Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend News

I'm trying to keep up to date on my blog my by blogging once a week. So here's an update on what we did this weekend. I went scrapbook shopping for the baby. I can't wait to make a book for our little one! Anyone that knows me knows I love scrapbooking. An A.C. Moore opended up down the street and they have several isles of stuff! Here's a pic of a scrapbook I made for our honeymoon and the stuff I got for the baby's:
Chris and I moved the patio furniture out and set up the grill. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on Sunday. Yum! But we went to 3 stores for hamburger buns. LOL I'm also really happy that Chris cleaned out his closet and drawers! He got rid of alot of old clothes and donated them. I did some closet cleaning too. I feel like we have gotten rid of so much clutter since we found out about the baby all in preparation. It feels really good. I also rearranged our back living room after watching some HGTV about making your room more functional. Again I got rid of alot of stuff. Pics on fb.

Of course I wrote lesson plans and did laundry with our new front load washer and dryer. I also did sewing I've been working on, a counted cross stitch for the baby. (The green areas are the sections not done yet). Finally, I was surprised to see that so many things were purchased off the registery at babies r us. Baby registeries tend to have more expensive items on them compared to a bridal registery. Now I come to my question for everybody, if you've had a baby did you get alot from your registery or did people give you alot of things you didn't register for like clothes and accessories? Also I have been so frustrated with babiesrus. They don't have the travel system I want online b/c its out of stock. Walmart and target have it, but in the meantime no one is going to know about it. I don't know what to do. As a quick baby update, this baby kicks like crazy! It also does complete somersaults. Of course this always happens when I'm trying to rest. Around 10pm is when it happens like clock work. I don't know whats going to happen when I get bigger and the baby really moves b/c Duke likes to sleep on my lap at night before I go to bed. I can't wait to see how he reacts. He is so spoiled by us. Here's a cute pic of Duke sleeping on Chris' shoulder! He loves Chris so much, he will actually put his head like that to cuddle with him.


  1. Kaley always started kicking every time I went to bed. I felt like I had a party going on in my belly every night!

    And people will definitely buy you stuff you didn't register for. Some of it you probably won't use.

  2. Your cross-stitch is amazing! All in all I think that you will get everything that you will need or be able to get it through giftcards, cash, and trading in items you do not need. That is annoying about the travel system. Did anyone at babies rus have any suggestions about what to do?

  3. i'm hoping that i eliminated some gifts i didn't register for my not finding out the gender, so people can't buy me many clothes. i'm hopeful though b/c my two cousins who've had babies this year got everything they registered for and more!
    all babies r us said was to check the website everyday and wait till it comes in stock.

  4. I came across this on a random post, thought it was cute and applied to you. by michelles35 ""It seems like people always like to tell me how miserable I'm going to be at the end of the pregnancy since it's late summer when we're all due. Yes, I know it is going to be hot, but it is going to be hot for them too!

    So, instead of thinking of how hot it is going to be...let's think of some GOOD reasons to be in our 3rd trimester during these hot months!

    1. Ice cream! Mmmmmm
    2. We won't go into labor and have to get to the hospital during an ice storm.
    3. We get to wear sandals or go barefoot when tying shoes will be impossible!
    4. No maternity coats.
    5. We get to spend time at the pool and the water will help our aching backs against the weight of our bellies.
    6. No school (since I am a teacher). ""

  5. I love it! Thanks Laura! Everyone tells how much it is going to stink being pregnant over the summer. I actually had a dream of someone telling me that. LOL I am so excited! Summer is such a relaxing time and I get to wear a maternity bathing suit. Sure pregnancy is uncomfortable, but I love it. It cools that there is a being inside me so close. You only get 9 months.