Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nursery :)

Above are a bunch of pictures of the nursery. The theme is alphabet soup. We picked it because its gender neutral and would last into toddlerhood. Its also educational. You can't tell in the pictures but the materials used are different textures which is really cool. We are now officially ready for the baby (at least I am) I don't know if Chris knows what to expect. Were really excited, but not anxious. I expect to go overdue which is fine with me, I like being pregnant. I just am really curious about the gender. I don't feel strongly that its a girl or boy, I'm better at predicting for other people. Leave comments about what you think about the nursery (and be honest)!


  1. Marjorie!!! It's soooo cute! I love it! The whole style is adorable! You've made it so cozy and welcoming for your little one! I can't believe it's all ready to go! Wow! Way to be! If I were a baby I'd want to stay tucked into that adorable room! :)

  2. Your whole nursery is so precious!!! Everything fits together so well, and your furniture especially will last wonderfully through many more little ones. I cannot wait to see a pic of your babe in that beautiful cradle. The crib looks amazingly comfy- I want to crawl in it and go to sleep myself. lol. So happy you are all ready and just waiting- laura

  3. thanks! when setting it up, i felt like "oh a baby is really coming." i kept thinking, this is where its going to sleep and what its going to play with. it seems really real now! :)
    as always i never procrastinate and have to do everything super early. i feel so much better now that i'm totally prepared.