Thursday, June 19, 2008

30 Week Update

As some people might know, I went to the hospital last week. It turned out to be nothing serious just an UTI. I was having some contractions though so they put me the hospital for an hour. I had a follow-up appointment this week and all is fine. I had an ultrasound (sorry no pics) to check that everything was ok. The baby was head down (yay) and she said it had lots of fuzzy hair on its head! lol i'm guessing thats from my side of the family.

The baby has been alot more active. I can see it moving from the outside which is so weird! Me and Chris like to watch it. It also kicks back if I press on my belly. Its pretty funny. I can totallly make out its feet and legs from feeling the outside. Its amazing. I also was watching a show where a baby was born at 30 weeks. I can't believe our baby is fully developed and could survive outside the womb.

The childbirth class was short and sweet. It focused only massage and relaxation which I liked. I didn't want to sit through all the regular info because I wouldn't learn anything new. I was the youngest and smallest woman there. lol There were alot of women due around the same time as me and they had huge bellies! My belly is still so small.

In other news, I spent the day at the shore with my family which was fun. I love that we live close enough to make day trips there. The water was freezing though! My littlest sister was afraid of seagulls and kept calling them "eagles" which was so funny. Chris and I go to a Phillies game this Friday :) G2G and make dinner!

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