Thursday, June 5, 2008

7th Month Update...

So, I'm seven months now and went to my doctor's appointment earlier this week. I didn't gain any weight :( but I'm measuring a normal size. I was tested for gestational diabetes too. Diabetes runs in my family so I was pretty worried about it. They say if I don't hear from them that I passed the test. The sugar drink was not that bad at all, other women totally exaggerated. The baby's heart rate was fast after I drank it though, 160! The next appointment will be my last 4 week appointment (after I will go every 2 weeks), so I'm getting there!

I go to my childbirth class on Monday which I am curious about. I wonder if I will learn anything new or just be bored. LOL I'm having professional maternity pics done at the end of July too. Other than that I'm doing well. The baby is really mellow it doesn't move that much (its lazy). LOL However, the other day it flipped the wrong way (head up) and then kept trying to turn the right way again. It was so painful! I'm glad its the right way now. When I recharge my camera battery (it keeps dying, I don't know why) I load new pregnancy pics.


  1. Ooo...professional maternity shots!!! I'm so excited to see them! I think that's such a great idea! And that's so crazy that your baby was flipped the wrong way and then righted itself! And that you knew what was happening! Thank God he or she is back to the right position! Yowzers!

    Love you!

  2. i'm excited about the pics too. this will be the only time i ever do them (while i'm young as my mom says)! LOL your body changes so much its crazy! it will be cool to remember what i looked like.

  3. You and that baby bump look so perfect! I am really looking forward to seeing your pro pics and hearing all about the experience. -l r