Thursday, July 31, 2008


Not for the hospital yet, but sometime soon. I've really been putting it off because I've been kinda nervous. Right now I'm taking a break from packing for a week long vacation at the Jersey shore with Chris' family. I feel like it takes me so long to get things done now! Maybe I'm just trying to do so much at once. I'm packing for me and Chris, cleaning the house, finishing laundry and getting out paperwork for the new house before we have to leave. I love vacations and can't wait till we have the baby and he/she comes along. I love caring for kids :) Which leads me to my question for everyone: What have you done or are you doing this summer for vacation? Share any funny/crazy/annoying details or plans you have! I also put up a new poll (the majority voted "girl" for the gender of the baby), so vote!

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