Monday, August 25, 2008

41 Weeks and Still Here...

Everything went well at my 41 week OB appointment today. I lost 2 pounds? (I guess that's good, losing the baby weight before its born! lol) Apparently losing weight is common just before delivery. The doctor said that they will let me go another week before inducing. Because of the holiday this means they can't see me again till Sept. 2 :( I don't want a September baby! Mostly because I'm so uncomfortable. I have back pain so bad at night that I can't sleep, I just lay in bed with an icepack on my back. I have also been getting sick again in the mornings (throwing up). On an up note, I still don't have a single stretch mark! The doctor even commented on how good my skin looks.

One nice thing about being overdue is that me and Chris have been spending alot of time together. We went out to Applebee's (a big treat for us) for dinner and walked around the mall and babies r us. At Applebee's all the waitresses were talking about what a small belly I have for being overdue and how lucky I am. LOL! Anyway it was a nice weekend of "just the two of us" before the baby comes (if it ever does).

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  1. You have inspired me with the skin and I am finally faithfully smothering myself in coco butter. lol