Thursday, August 21, 2008

D- day

Today is my "official" due date, but as no surprise to me there's no baby yet. That's okay, I enjoying my energy rush and getting alot of things done. I don't feel anything at all, in case you were wondering (people keep asking me). I think it will either come fast and furious or I'll be induced and everything will be planned. I don't have a preference, I just want things to go safely and smoothly.

I am getting really curious about the gender though. I really, really want to know! It's like when someone gets you a gift and you tell them to keep it a secret and at first you like that and its not to hard to peek, but then as the day/hours draw near you 're just dying to know!

Well, I plan to post a last pregnancy pic this weekend when I get a chance. I will also post my professional pregnancy pics when I get them. Some people have seen a sample of them already (I have a sheet with small images of them, but their too small to post). I'm really pleased with how they came out. Their "reflective" in style, not like Christina's shots in Marie Claire. LOL! In half of the pics I am wearing a pink dress with a bow near my belly and in the other half I am wearing jeans with a lacey cream colored top that shows my bare belly. Chris is in some, some are of just me, and some of the belly alone. I'm glad that I had them done too because it will be great to show my kids what I looked like pregnant one day. As I said before though, these will be the only professional ones I take (while I still am young and look good, lol).

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  1. Yes you are young now- but I am sure you will always look great:)