Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st Week Home

Well, we made it through the first week at home really well. There was so much to do like putting away presents (Christopher seriously has enough blue/boy themed clothes to last him a lifetime), mailing thank yous and birth announcements, filling out his baby book, doctor appointments and best of all taking care of him!

The first night home was a little rough, we were up most of the night. The night feedings have gotten much better and he almost into a pattern. He's getting up about every 3-4hours at night and I'm feeding him about every 2 hours during the day (to lessen the night feedings).

During the day he is mostly awake! I entertain him by holding him, talking to him, showing him toys, reading and singing to him. A lot of times I run out of things to entertain him with so I just rock him. I have never seen a baby this little so alert. I love being his mommy. At night we also take a walk with Duke which he loves. I put him in the carrier (which is so comfortable) and walk down the street. I used to do a longer version of this walk when I was pregnant with him (I have cut back because I get sore) and I think he remembers because it is so calming to him (he is also close to me in the carrier like in the womb). He is so cute in the carrier, he just looks up at me with those big blue eyes! I love him :)

Me rocking Christopher and Duke trying to get my attention
Chistopher in the carrier

Chris has also been really helpful and a really good dad. He holds the baby when he gets home and helps with night feedings by rocking the baby back to sleep or putting in his pacifer. He is also learning how to change diapers! (Thank goodness I know what to do or we would be in trouble). Actually, I don't know how people who have never had or have limited experience with babies do it. I am so grateful to have had so much experience or I think I would go crazy.

I'm doing really well. I have felt great since the third day after he was born. I only took pain medication the day after he was born and didn't need it after that. I am already back into my old jeans (yay!). But I've been worried because I feel like is all this feeling good leading to a really bad downfall (sickness/soreness, etc)? I hope not. I hope recovery has just been better because I didn't have an epidural.

Anyway, I was finishing this "belly book" I got when I first found out I was pregnant. At the end of the book there is a page where you right a conclusion about how you feel now that your not pregnant anymore. As I was writing, I started thinking back on all of my experiences and challenges during pregnancy and I how long I was pregnant. My pregnancy felt like such a wonderful journey to making this new little person and now that journey has come to an end. Its weird to go from being so big to your old self again. In some ways I miss carrying him around inside me because he was so close and in other ways I realize that while it is the end of one journey of his life, it is the begining of a new journey with him here! Now I fully understand why my mom had so many kids.


  1. I'm so glad everything is going well! You look and sound great :) You are totally right that having a child makes you want even more and more! Oh by the way you are sooo lucky that you fit into your jeans already cause it tool me 5 months to feel comfortable in mine. I had to wear that "tummy sleeve" thing that I wore when I was pregnant because I could fit the jeans in every place except my stomach...couldn't to the good 'ol zipper trick. Cute pics

  2. Marjorie! This is such a beautiful reflection - I love it! You are such a good Mommy and Chris is such a good Daddy! How blessed little Christopher is! You look so wonderful! This makes me SOOOOOO excited to have babies with John! :) I can't wait until they can play together! Enjoy every moment of this new chapter of the journey! :)

  3. thanks girls! well, i can fit most of my jeans not all. some i can zipper but i can't button! lol

  4. That is amazing that he is so alert. It must be so much fun. When I go through my daily routine, I think of you and myself in 3 months. It must be quite an adjustment to be able to get everything done in the same 24 hours. but of course a fun adjustment! I am looking forward to it all. -lr