Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Hospital Pics

While at the hospital when Christopher was born we wanted to get hospital pics done like everyone does. They were kinda expensive, but you should get them done. The first day he was in the nursery, the lady forgot to take his picture so it had to be done the second day. You have to prepay for the pics and you don't get to see them until you leave the hospital. After the picture, the lady reassured us that it came out good and that he even had his eyes open for the pic.

When we got home and I viewed them online, I was really disappointed. Yes, his eyes were open and so was his mouth! He looks like he is crying in the picture. She must have woken him up for the picture and he was crying. I would rather have him been asleep for the pic than awake and crying and would it have been the worst thing in the world for them to take a second shot? Oh I waited a week for the pics and only one came, so I called the company. They never put the order in, so it had to be reordered. So much trouble for pictures that I'm not even crazy about.

Of course Chris finds the picture hilarous, so he keeps teasing the baby. The company told me they would send a free gift (some advertisement thing) in the mail for the mistake (Chris says they are sending a free gift bc they must have seen the baby's picture and felt bad). He is so mean sometimes. LOL

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  1. Those hospital pics are notoriously horrible. I shiver to think what my picture would look like if they took one of me :)