Monday, September 29, 2008


I thought it was so funny that he stayed sound asleep while the water was poured over his head! It was warm water though.

I made the blanket in these pics (I go the name put on professionally). This past Sunday Christopher was baptized! He was exactly 4 weeks old. I think that babies should be baptized as soon as possible bc it's their birth into the church! Yay! As parents Chris and I think that our faith is the greatest gift we can give to our children. It was a really nice ceremony because the priest put alot of time/thought into it, but it took about 45min to an hour because there were 4 other babies being baptized as well.

Christopher wore a gown because that's the tradition in my family, everyone wears the same gown. The only exception was my twin brothers because we wanted them to have matching gowns. I made their gowns at the time (they are 6 years old now). I also made my niece's gown. I love sewing and have sewed so much throughout the years, from blankets to dresses to halloween costumes, vestments, even something for the former Cardinal of Philadelphia. I was going to sew Christopher's gown (which I want to use for all the children we have), but the price of lace is crazy! You end up paying the cost of a gown just for the lace and I would have to go all the way into the city for it. I found the gown he wore online and loved it!!! It was so beautiful, I couldn't even find the lace they used for it in the U.S. So many people asked me if it was a family hierloom (it is now for our family!). I want to get it professionally framed one day.

I was so glad that so many of our family and friends could make it to the baptism and lunch afterwards. I know it was a long trip for many. We really appreciated/enjoyed everyone's company, we are so blessed to have so many supportive people in our lives!


  1. What a blessing that he was so peaceful! I love the gown. Were any of the other babies in gowns? Have you thought of getting his name and future babies names embroidered on the slip? I am thinking about it. I also want to get our gown framed.

  2. yeah, another baby girl was. all the babes wore white though, so i was surprised by that. i have seen people have their kids where some pretty crazy things for baptism!

    it doesn't have a slip. the plain white gown you see in some of the pics on fb is all there is and the lace is a coat overlay. so i don't think i will. the baptismal blanket has his name on it, so i guess i'm covered in that way. are you going to put names on your gown?

    i want to get a frame that can be opened and closed. where the front is like a door, but their hard to find. i know i have seen them before.

  3. We were happy to be there. He is just so cute! I can't wait for Kaley and her cousin to be able to play together.

    ~ Kelly

  4. yeah, i really want to see how they will interact when he is a little bigger.