Monday, September 8, 2008

Bath time!

Here's a pic of Christopher's first bath. He loves bath time, especially when I wash his hair. I think he likes the feel of the warm water. He is so happy!


  1. I have never bathed a baby. So much of my being a mother is going to be brand new. You are such a pro holding him with one arm and bathing with the other. That is so sweet that he enjoys it. Love all your duckies. does little Christopher have his own ducky to play with when he is older?

  2. actually i do have a really little ducky with the name christopher on it. my brothers and sisters got it for me before i was even pregnant and i put it in front of this wedding couple duck set i have so it looks like family. maybe you have seen it? lol

    i have had a good deal of bathing practice, but a nurse will show you how to before you go home from the hospital. so no worries!