Friday, September 19, 2008

Going on 3 weeks

Looking at me!

In his Eagles gear!

We all have been doing very well these past weeks with the baby. He went to the doctor's and weighs 8lbs 4 ozs now. The night feedings are going much easier. He gets up about every 3 hours or so which is not bad. I've established a daily routine now. Feed in the morning, morning nap, bath and dressed, feed, play, afternoon walk with the dog, more feeding and eating and playing, changed into pjs and down for bed. Notice a pattern of pretty much feeding and sleeping? LOL He is a good baby though for the most part.

I got his Halloween costume the other day, he will be a pea in a pod. I really like this "oatmeal bear" costume at Party City, but they were all out. Does anyone know where this "oatmeal bear" is from? Is it a TV show character? I usually know all the kids shows.

Anyway, I was watching a show about a couple bring home their second child and all they kept talking about was how much easier things were the second time. They had so much anxiety and worry with their first child. It made me realize that I don't feel any of that. I never second guess/worry anything I do. It has been quite peaceful around here other than his waking for night feedings. Things have been great.

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  1. It was wonderful seeing you and baby. He is simply amazingly precious and such a good baby. Last time I held a baby about his age, she was fine with her mother and just screamed with me. It was so nice and reassuring holding him while he was peaceful. You are so blessed. The new background is really nice. I was overwhelmed with all the ones to choose from, but I am ready to upgrade soon and play around with them.