Monday, September 29, 2008

The Office!

One of my favorite TV shows is back, The Office! This past Thursday was the premiere and with every new season comes changes, some good and others not. Like last season when they introduced Andy who I think does not fit the show. He tries too hard when acting I think and it shows. He's really annoying. They also cleaned Pam up (appearance wise) last season which I was glad about.

This season one change that I hated was that Pam is in art school? I don't know any adults that went back to enroll in college full time and decide to live in the dorms. Its not practical and I think really dumb that she not in the office. I also don't like how they made the camera more into a character. I liked the original use of it as a "confession" type room with the camera. I also was not thrilled that Ryan is back...bla, but will see where they go with that. Overall I think the episode was really good and really funny as usual and I'm so glad it's back. I hope I don't bore people who read my blog, but don't watch the show with this post (so watch it!lol). I am curious to see what other people think who watch it, so feel free to comment :)

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  1. I love the office as well! I was wondering how they were going to bring Ryan back, but with Pam going to that summer program, it was a funny way of getting him back at the Scranton branch. I can't wait to see what tonight's episode has in store, especially now that Jim and Pam are FINALLY engaged.

    Christopher is getting so big! He is absolutely adorable. I have friends here at grad school with a little girl, Annie, who was born 2 days after Christopher, so there is just babies galore! Hope all is going well otherwise. :)

    -Megan (my blog name is confusing...)