Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1 Month

He really likes tummy time, i was surprised by that
He looks so cute in his dino pjs from aunt marie
Little ducky clothes(also from aunt marie), he has alot!

I can't believe its been a month already since Christopher was born! Time goes by so fast! I haven't been blogged in awhile because I have been trying to soak up every minute I have with him. I love holding him, dressing him and just taking care of him.

As for his accomplishments of late, he learned that crying equals him getting picked up (oh no). He hasn't smiled consciously yet, but I think they say thats not until 6 weeks anyway. He recognizes me and Chris and our voices. He is starting to track the movement of toys and sounds, you have to get his attention first and move the object really slowly.

As for eating patterns at night it has already gotten better for the most part. He eats at 11pm and gets put to bed and will get up again at 3am and 6/7am. The only problem with night feedings is that sometimes when he gets up to eat I can't put him down for about an hour. I will put him in his bed and give him the pacifer which works for about 5 mins. Then he loses the pacifer and starts to cry. Then one of us has to get up and put it back in over and over. I am really hating that I ever gave the pacifer to him. I knew coming into it that I would have this problem, but I didn't want him to start thumb sucking which is 100 times worst. My three younger sisters have had to get expanders, braces, etc for thumb sucking as babies. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? I know he'll outgrow it.

His personality is really coming out and he's so cute. He makes the funniest faces sometimes! When he sleeps sometimes, he will start laughing in his sleep. It is soooo cute and funny! I have no idea why he does it (its not conscious). He goes to the doctor's on Friday so I'll update everyone on his weigh. It seems like he's gaining, but I get worried about it sometimes. That's one benefit of bottle feeding because you can actually see how much they are eating.

I have to post pics, but as usual my camera (that I hate) is dead. Plus, it takes the worst pictures! If the flash is on the pic is washed out, if its off the pic comes out yellow. If you've seen my pics you know what I talking about. I have to get a new camera, but their such an investment. I think one of those canons that are really thin with the wide screen would be good, but we don't have money for one so I'm going to have to wait and put up with my ugly pics. LOL

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