Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 Months

On Sunday baby Christopher will be 2 months old (8 weeks)! He is doing well and growing big. He is still getting up once and sometimes twice a night. He is smiling now :), but it takes some coaxing to get him to smile (usually talking in a high pitched voice and rubbing his tummy). He is also cooing! He also likes tummy time (which he is supposed to get each day according to the doctor); he can turn his head back and forth while on his tummy.

He goes for his 2 month check up next week, so I will be able to see how much he weighs. I also went for my post-baby doctor's appointment and I was glad to find out that I lost all the baby weigh :) I still want to do pilates so I can tone my stomach (my sister is lending me tapes). Duke also went for his annual check up and weighs 18 pounds!!! We were kinda concerned about that because his mother and father weighed about 15-16 pounds (he should be roughly the same). The vet said he is fine though because he has a really healthy shape and that is what is most important. He has been a really good dog with the baby (he always tries to lay or snuggle up next to the baby) or lay in his boppy pillow which drives me nuts! lol We are trying to train him to sit when Chris gets home from work and its so funny! He gets so excited that he will keep jumping at the door, eventually he will sit though. When he finally sits and Chris opens the door, Duke will look away so that he can resist his excitement and stay sitting. Its so funny :)

I just did a really fun project last week for Christopher's nursery. I got wooden letters that spell his name at AC Moore and painted them colors to match his room. I want to get white ribbon and hang them above his crib (its a pretty popular decorative item right now). I was waiting to see what we had before I made them. I'll post pics when I hang them.

The opera we went to last week was really cool!!! I didn't think I would like it, but it was great. It was pretty crowded there (it was at the Philadelphia Academy of Music which is a really pretty place). The opera was written by Beetoven and was put to a french play called Fidelio. The lights and special effects were really cool too. Overall, I 'm really glad we went because it was a fun, new experience. I was missing my baby every minute though! I couldn't wait to pick him up from my parent's house.

On a funny/annonying note, last week we were going to a party hosted my Chris' old work. We were really excited to go to see everyone and to show the baby to everyone. It was at a country club in Philly. Chris didn't have the address so he googled the name of the place and printed directions from google. So we were in traffic for an hour or more and finally we get to the ending location and it put us out at a country club road which was a small neighbor! Chris realized that he didn't check the ending location because we were in a hurry. We were already late and lost and after driving around awhile and asking a few people, just decided to go home. I was very upset to put it nicely! lol It was sooooo frustrating! I know it could have been avoided if we had a nagation system, but I don't want one. Their so expensive and not necessary when you can mapquest directions for free (you just have to check and make sure they are right). Plus, we don't travel much and it would rarely get used. Next time, we will borrow my parent's one or I will get directions! lol


  1. So great that you did enjoy the opera. Was it the most time you have spent apart from Christopher? So sorry about getting so lost. N also wants to get a GPS but I really love google maps and rather be prepared before I leave to go somewhere also. We will probably get one eventually but I do not really see the point yet and am always one with tech to let the price drop before getting it. At least you got really cute pics for all the dressing up.

  2. yeah, it was. it was weird calling my mom and saying "is the baby ok?" bc she was always calling me asking me that! so strange.
    i saw the blanket in your nursery! does it fit or is it too short? it fit my crib well so i was wondering...don't feel like you have to use it if it doesn't.

  3. We do not have the mattress yet, so I have not tested it bc of the wires. But if it fits yours than it is sure to fit mine. I completely love it and am looking forward to getting that mattress to really put everything all together.