Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exercise :(

Sunday marked 6 weeks since I had Christopher, so I now can offically begin exercising. I hate exercising and didn't realize how much I was out of shape till I started. I never really exercised much before I got pregnant, just pilates to keep my tummy flat. I'm really happy with my weight post-baby and fit comfortably in my old clothes and have for awhile. However, I want to get my flat stomach back! It really needs to be toned. I don't know many pilate exercises that help accomplish this. I want to get a DVD with them, but there is so many programs out there. If anybody knows any good ones to recommend or things that worked for toning your tummy let me know!


  1. Hey, Marjorie!
    I found the New York City Ballet workout video really nice and helpful. It definitely gives good ab exercises. I would also be happy to show you some of my fave ab exercises when you come to Lanc - if you want! I have learned many varieties over the years with dance, and some of them are really, really effective. The most important thing is HOW you do the abs. While you're doing crunches, think of a tight belt around your waist, and as you exhale during your crunches, the belt tightens everything in - that's how I target the inner core muscles. Another helpful image is of thinking of knitting your ribs and sides together as you're doing your crunches. I hope this helps a bit! You can also get your obliques by twisting your knees to the each side and doing crunches this way.
    Ugh - ha ha
    Have fun!


  2. yeah, i would love to learn some! i was reading the same thing about the crunches. i didn't know form mattered so much for them to be effective. i also learned how to do obliques on the same website! my sister is giving me a pilates dvd with a rubber band thing that focuses specifically on the tummy. hopefully everything works!