Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm 22!

Last week was my 22nd birthday! Now I'm getting old like Chris (lol). We celebrated with Chris' family by going out to dinner which was nice because I got to see my niece. Aftewards my family met up with us and we had cake at our house. This year was one of my best birthdays because I had my baby Christopher with me. Last year he wasn't yet on the way. Tomorrow Chris is taking me to the opera in Philly as a birthday gift. I don't know why he thought of this since were both not big opera fans. I was a little upset that he didn't ask me about it first, but it should be a fun, new experience. He also surprised me with a keychain from Tiffany's! (I think cause I was upset abouot the opera). He hid it in his lunch bag which I empty. I was really surprised because we don't ever spend much on gifts for birthdays and because the opera tickets were my gift. I would really like for people to comment about a surprise/crazy/great birthday gift they have recieved from someone. I think it would be interesting.

Anyway, my mom will be watching the baby tomorrow and it will be the first time he will be babysat (I think he will be in good hands though). I just love taking him everywhere! Chris really wanted us to do something alone which I can understand too. He is getting big. He is now a month old and 10lbs 8 ozs! He is starting to smile when you talk to him, its soooo cute! I keep trying to catch him doing it on camera, but its really tough.

Finally, I downloaded Picasa and I love it!!! It's a program for editing pictures and I'm addicted. I love all the features it has like blurring edges, retouching, croping, etc. It was a free upload too! Yay! I can't stop telling everyone about it. The only down side is you have to export the photos if you want them to go to fb or other sites. But it does have a quick, direct link to blogger which I am still trying to figure out how to use. It's not photoshop or iphoto, but really good for paying nothing. Above a pictures that I edited with cool effects.


  1. Which design is the key chain and is it one that you can use everyday?

  2. its the traditional tiffany heart which can be engraved. i think i am going to put it on one of my dooney & burke purses (maybe the one with all the hearts) rather than my keys because it would get all scratched on my keys.