Thursday, November 20, 2008

All Smiles!

Just a quick post of the pic we finally got of him smiling! It was so hard to catch him doing it, took both of us armed with the camera and silly high-pitched words! LOL! In not so funny news, his latest endeavor has been pooping through his clothes:( I have come to accept this as a daily occurence now. We tried new diapers and a bigger size, but still more ends up in his clothes than his diapers! It is so stains his clothes and we'll be about to go somewhere and I have to completely change him and his clothes. Another accomplishment of the baby's lately that I forgot is cooing! When I was giving him a bath the other night, he was cooing so loud! Duke (my dog) came running in searching all around for the source of the noise. It was so funny hearing the baby coo and coo and Detective Duke wasn't able to figure out who was doing it. Silly dog!


  1. Hi Marjorie - and Chris and Christopher and Duke -

    I love Christopher's smile. He is also getting more handsome each day. I can't wait to hold him in my arms.

    I also liked what you did to his room. You are so talented.

    Take care and see you soon. Love, Mom II

  2. awe it is so cute when they coo...I just wonder what they are thinking :)
    As far as the pooping through the clothes...yeah that ALWAYS happens lol. I was just telling Catherine that I would have a bottle of spray n wash on the washer and would spray the heck out of Joseph's clothes until I was ready to do the wash. It really worked. Sometimes it would be soooo bad that even when I washed it right away, the stain was still there so I would wash the clothes in our laundry ( I don't know why but ours seems to work better than the dreft) and then I would rewash in the dreft. Make sense? I don't know but it saved a lot of clothes especially since we are trying to save as many things as we can for whenever baby #2 comes along.

  3. its such a hassle! sometimes even when i use the stain stuff it still stains, like you said! in my next post (which i wrote the other day, but didn't put up yet) i was saying that putting a onesie on underneath his clothes has worked. at least if he poops through its in a onesie and not his good clothes! the clean up still stinks though! lol

  4. btw-do you think the diaper issues are from nursing vs. bottlefeeding? i think its more running when you breastfeed. did you notice a difference when you changed to formula (if you ever did change)?