Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Shopping!

Sleeper outfit

Favorite time of the day, bathtime!

"What are you doing?" lol

Shoe socks, too cute! Thanks L!

1st polo shirt, cool little man. Another gift I loved!

All the boys! LOL

Well, I finished a good deal of Christmas shopping. Yes! I just can't run around crowed stores with a baby this year, the car seat is too heavy and bulky and it takes forever to get in and out of my car (my automatic door opener is broken, my car has only one keyhole which is on the opposite side of where his car seat is, yeah annoying). This is all not to mention coats which have to be pulled out and put on and car seats were not made for coats. lol!

Anyway...I got the baby some cool toys and wrapped them all up, so I'm done (i got other people gifts as well). I got a toy for 3 m, 6m, 9 m and 12m to cover the year and all from the best store Target of course (no to expensive toyrus!). I'm really into educational/developmental toys and hate V-tech toys (I think kids do too).

When we were at the check out the cashier lady saw the baby and said "babies don't need toys, till their at least a year old!" and she kept going on and on about it, uggg. Actually...they do NEED toys. Toys are very important for development of fine/gross motor skills and visual-spatial skills to name a few. In college I had a cool assignment in psychology (one of my majors) where we had to take home a toy and analyze what skills it would teach a child. Research has shown as well that children who lack toys and books lag behind developmentally from children who do . So there. I wish I told her all that or that she just didn't comment. So how many people have started Christmas shopping? How many like doing it? lol!


  1. I just love the pictures. Christopher is so precious. Everyday I see more of Chris in him.

    I agree with you, babies need toys.

    I had pics from the disc developed. I pick them up later today at "Target." I just loved them all, too.

    Take care - You are such a good mommie!!!

    Love you all -

  2. Why is it that total strangers choose to put in their two cents about how you are raising your child as if you are holding up a sign that says "please give me your two cents"? My fav picture is the up close bathtime. He is just amazingly handsome. Everyone keeps on going on and on about how beautiful our baby will be. But in reality you never can tell- and I know they mean well but I wish they would just wait and see. I feel as if she already has pressure to be beautiful and she is not even out yet. Does Christopher really enjoy bathtime? and did you put duke in the pic or did he jump in?

  3. he does enjoy bathtime, i sing to him and he likes looking at his reflection in the mirror! it takes a few mins in front of it and then he will see himself and smile. i think he thinks its another baby he's seeing! lol duke always lays on us anyway he can, so he was already there.
    i don't mind advice from strangers most of the time, but i don't like when their critical of someone they don't even know! they have no idea where you coming from...