Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Pics!

Here are some of the latest pics I have taken with my new camera. I took these pics early for Christmas (my mom wanted a wallet size pic of him to send with her Christmas card).
Double chin!
With a Christmas blanket (he did have a diaper on here; I didn't make that mistake).
1/2 smile, still can't catch him doing it.
Looking out the window.

Eagles shirt from his grandparents.As you can see, I have been having so much fun with this camera and picasa. Christopher went to the doctor's yesterday and weighs 12lbs 10ozs!!! Wow! 75th percentile. The good thing about the weigh is that he is sleeping better through the night. He only gets up once around 4/5am. 

He also got his first vaccinations :( They are so scary. You have to read all this scary info about possible reactions/side effects, before their given it. He got the DPT shot (lock jaw, whooping cough and diphtheria) and the meningitis/pneumonia shot. The side effects are serious too; coma, seizures, brain damage, etc. He was due for three additional shots, but I only got the two. I want to take them one at a time, despite how much the doctor pressures me. I want to wait till he is 5 before giving the MMR shot because of it's very strong link to autism, especially with boys. I know alot about it because I worked teaching in an autistic school. After 3 you can not be diagnosed with autism, as it's pervasive developmental disorder. NJ law does require all children to have all shots by 5 or school entering age, so he will get it then.

Doctor's are really pressuring though (shots are money in their pocket), so I am curious about what other parents do when it comes vaccines. Chris was talking to a mom about it and she said she waits to start shots until her children are two. I want to know what other parents have done/are doing or will be doing when it comes to their child getting vaccines, so please comment!

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