Saturday, November 22, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Lipstick on his cheek, poor guy
Not amused...
My little bear

In his bear snowsuit from Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy

Oh no, she's going to kiss me again!

You can see how much they look alike from this picture
Some pics of Chris and the baby requested by people, who think there aren't many of them together! Well, I try and Chris doesn't like taking pictures. Don't they look so alike? You can really see it in these pictures. As for the baby's diaper situation, I've tried everything. We switched to better diapers and a bigger size. That didn't do much. Lately, I have been putting a onesie on underneath his clothes. It doesn't stop the problem, but at least his good clothes are somewhat protected.

Also a note for people who follow my blog, I will now be updating it every Saturday and sometimes Wednesday. This way people know when to check and comment!

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  1. finally! that is a good picture of chris i think ur just selfish with the little baby. chris probably never gets to hold him. JK!!!

    -ur sister