Saturday, November 15, 2008

Recent Craftiness

The pictures above are some of the projects I have been working on. First the baby letters that spell out his name. I got the letters at AC Moore, painted them (matching the colors in the room), glossed them and glued ribbon to hang them. It's a super popular decorative item in kid's rooms. I figure when he gets older I can repaint them and take the ribbons off. It was really easy to do and fun!

The other pictures are new frames I got to display my professional pictures. I got the frames on sale (1/2 off) at AC Moore for only $20!
Lots of people have been asking me about are new house and when we are moving. Things have been going very slow with the construction because of the market. Most likely the house will be done sometime in Feb. This is fine with us however, as it gives us more time to save and we will be moving after the Holidays, etc. In the meantime we have been doing major organization and cleaning to this house. We went through all of our clothes and donated lots to good will. We also got rid of some old stuff in the basement and organized all of the decorations into color-coded containers.


  1. His name looks great! Did you try it different ways on the wall before deciding how to hang them? Are you preg photos in the nursery? they look beautiful. I really like the frames also (they are actually the same ones I am using for my wedding photos) I should get updated pictures of the house up too. -lr

  2. i hung them up and down bc i saw it in a mag and it was easier to do than being perfectly straight. my preg pics are in our dining room, when we move they will be in our family room. i love basic black frames that all match; its so classic. i'll look forward to updated pics!