Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree

Progression Pics: Tree is up (Chris is so proud of himself, he is such a big boy)

Lights and Angel

Fully decorated

We got our tree and put it up all in about 45mins on Monday night. We got an evergreen (real) and I love the way it smells! The clean up however, not so fun. Actually, there really hasn't been clean up yet because it's still alive, so I can't complain. We did multi-colored lights which is weird because both of our family's always did all white lights. Somewhere down the line, someone gave us the multi-colored ones and we just stuck with it because we didn't want to buy new ones :)

I always like decorating trees with a theme. LOL! My mom always does a children's tree which she hangs silver spoons (with our names), small pictures of us and glass booties (also with our names) from. Another cool tree I saw once was decorated with all mini blown glass ornaments, I also like color themed trees like all white or blue, etc. One family I knew only decorated their tree with white lights which I thought was strange, just too plain. I also do not like Christmas trees with GIANT ornaments, like a huge balls. You find them alot in hotels/malls. I think it just looks cheap.
Below: My favorite ornaments, they came in a ornamnet wedding set my Mom got at a store named Mia's in OC last year for our 1st married Christmas
Chistopher's 1st Ornament from Gran Jones (I thought it was cool to take these pics bc my camera has a mini object mode for pics like this)

This year we did all trinkets, a trinket tree! So, there were no regular balls, just object shaped ornaments. Chris and I have alot of these from our families who collected them for us over the years.

One of my natvity sets which was a wedding present (I also collect the Willow people)
I filled all the vases around the house with colored balls which came out cool

When I get a chance, I post a pic of the outside of our house all decorated!


  1. I like this blog, I think i'll stop by one day this week to see my little godson and he's first Christmas tree, LOve LIZZ..

  2. Your tree looks great! We have the same Willow nativity - I love it :)