Sunday, December 28, 2008


My little "Santa Baby"
He is soooo cute!

He loved rolling around in the paper. I think he liked the sound.He enjoyed this almost as much as his gifts.
Opening presents on Christmas morning. A drum full of musical instruments.
Baseball toy
Holding wrapping paperSquishy blocks

In his bumbo for the 1st time
This December has been a very busy month, especially for Chris as he helped run Operation Santa Claus for the city. I had off on Christmas Eve and Chris had to work part of the day, but we were able to go to morning Mass and confession together. The baby and I spent the day with my family and had dinner there. That night we packed for the long trip to see Chris' family.

On Christmas morning the baby opened presents from Santa and Chris and I exchanged gifts. I got Chris the new seasons of LOST and The Office on DVD (he is slightly obsessed with LOST). lol! He got me picture frames. The baby got a light up piano, rubber blocks, fake keys, a fake phone, a baby basketball net and a baby baseball tee (for later in the year when he gets older) and a toy train. He also got some books, another train, a water mat, baby Einstein DVD, wooden rattles, clothes and gift certificates from others! He was a very lucky/blessed baby to have so many think of him! He also got the coolest toy from his godparents, the bounce and spin pony from fisher price for when he is bigger!

It was nice getting to see both of our families for Christmas. One of the things worthy of note was that there was an earthquake while we were in Lancaster. We slept through it, sadly. I would have liked to have been awake to experience it, but at least I can say I lived through one! lol!

Ok, so feel free to share by answering any or all of the questions below. How did you spend Christmas? What was one thing worthy of note (family news, event, anything interesting)? What was your favorite gift or the best one your child/children received? I thought my little sister's dance for my Dad was a neat gift (she doesn't have any money to buy a gift). One of my sister's boyfriends brought my siblings a chia pet which was so funny. Apparently whenever they see the commercial on TV they run up to my parents and ask for one! lol! Does anyone have any unusual or usual traditions? We really haven't started any traditions of our own yet, so if anyone has any good ones let us know!

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