Thursday, December 4, 2008

Decorating and Other Things

I'm taking this opportunity to write a quick blog while the baby sleeps. Well, I got most of the Christmas decorating done. I'll be honest, I don't like decorating at any time of year, much less December when its freezing. It's such a hassle carrying up containers, hanging out the window to put up wreaths and standing in the cold stringing lights. Last year, was our 1st Christmas together and I went all out. We had two trees, lights, garland, santas and such, even Christmas kitchen towels. BIG mistake as I found out Dec. 16th that I was pregnant. I was soooo sick taking down decorations, throwing up (I couldn't keep anything down and lost 3 pounds), smell aversions and tired. Looking back on it seems like a blur. I do remember telling Chris I had to take a nap while un-decorating the tree and waking up about 5 hrs later!

This year I simplified. Were getting one tree, a wreath on the door and windows, along with candle lights, nativity and no lights other than on the tree. The decoration containers were already out in the basement as me and Chris have been doing super house organizing for the move. Actually, the move is the main reason I didn't go all out. I'll get picks up of the house once we get the tree.

Another thing I was thinking about of late (this belonged in the previous post), was about how this was the first Thanksgiving I enjoyed in a long time. Well, at least in four years. This was the first T-day I was out of school (college) and every year around this time I was swamped with work!!! Yuck...10-15 page papers, studying for finals, presentations, etc. and the last semester pregnant. Now I just proofed work of my sisters (3 are in college), hopefully I will be receiving payment soon! lol/jk. Being free this time of year is great! Gotta go get stamps for Christmas cards!

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