Friday, January 2, 2009

Favorites Things for 2008

Thought I would share some of the new resources I found this past year! Please share anything good you have discovered this past year that anyone could benefit from!

1. picasa web albums: for managing pictures from cropping, editing, red eye, black & white, etc. It's so easy to use, install, and it's free!

2. online site with tons of articles for pregnancy, babies, toddlers and families. I'm big into recent research and this keeps me updated on that, new products, recipes, etc.

3. nikon D40: my D-SLR camera. It's amazing!!! I talked so much about it, but it's one of my best investments for beautiful pictures for years to come, so easy to use and so much fun!

4. parents magazine and toys: put out by Parents and much like their site. They sell a great collection of toys at Target that are educational and cool.

5. m.a.c. oil control lotion: kind of a splurge, but worth every penny. Apply before foundation if you have really oily skin like me, it's fast drying and keeps you face from getting shiny as the day goes on.

6. a.c. moore scrapbooking aisles: if your into scrapbooking they have everything. If not, take a look and you will be!

7. jon & kate plus 8: on TLC Monday nights. I'm not usually into reality T.V. because it's never "real" but this show is. It follows a family with twins and sextuplets.

8. it's been a year since I started and I'm still enjoying it as an outlet that I don't have to go "out" for. A lot of people have asked me about how to start a blog, so I included the link and encourage you to give it a shot. It's a great resource, way to share (even if you end up only doing it once in awhile) or a place to vent! lol

9. walgreens online photo dept: upload your photos online from home, select a store and usually your prints are ready in a hour. It will give you an exact time they will be done and you only have to leave your house to pick them up (cvs, walmart, sam's club also have this). I can't believe how much time I would spend getting pictures developed the old fashioned way of going to the store. Plus you can make really cool photo gifts!

10. scent diffusers: i received one of these as a Christmas present and really loved it (it's lavender which smells so good!). You fill a jar with oil and place reeds in it. The reeds absorb the oil and dispense the scent through the room. I think it's better than a candle because it safer and the scent is more discrete (I'm not a big candle person).


  1. hey girl! thank you so much for sharing about picasa. I love using it.

  2. That is SO good to know about Walgreens!!! I am going to do that!