Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Almost 5 Months

I think he looks like my brother here
Little sailor themed outfit
Standing holding onto Daddy's hands
Yesterday, we put Christopher to sleep for the night in his nursery for the 1st time. He is a really good, deep sleeper so we were anxious about transitioning him. He'll fall asleep on his own as soon as you put him into his bed. However, since he learned to roll over it was getting dangerous letting him sleep in the bassinet in our room. The bassinet was pretty wobbly and he'd move a lot in his sleep and end up waking himself up. I started transitioning him by having him take his naps in the crib. He been sleeping so well in the nursery that today Chris dissembled his bassinet and put it into storage. Actually, it made me sad not having my baby in our room (Christopher however, did not care and slept like a rock)! I miss him, plus I'm a worrier that gets up a hundred times to check him. LOL!

As a said before, he's learned to roll over and enjoys tummy time. He is also SO close to rolling over from his back to tummy. He likes sitting with some of our support and LOVES standing. Mostly standing and jumping on our laps. He will also hold onto the couch and stand. We can pull him from a sitting to standing position and he still maintains his balance. He is putting everything into his mouth and biting down on things hard. This in addition to drooling a lot. I think he will teeth soon. If you talk loud to someone he will look at you so intently. It's adorable when he does that with his big blue eyes. We may start him on stage one foods soon, so we'll see how that goes.

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