Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joy of having a Boy!

I've been thinking a lot about how much I enjoy having a son and figured I blog about it. Before I ever got married or had kids, I always wished I had an older brother. I have no idea why because there are a lot of perks that came with being the oldest in my family. I think I liked the idea because older brothers tend to be protective of their younger siblings, especially their sisters.

For this reason, I hoped that when I had kids I would have a boy first and Chris felt the same way. In my experiences with kids, I also found that boys tended (I stress tended bc this is not always the case) to be easier. Sure they are really physically active, but that's not too bad.

Girls on the other hand tend to be so emotional, even at an early age and require more things. They want the pink puffer vest, purse, make up, fashion boots, earrings, barbies and their million parts, hair bows, etc. And need I mention High School Musical or Hannah Montana? Ugg...I hate those shows! When you get passed that stage and into the pre-teen years comes all the clicks of girls and trouble with boys. Maybe this all bothers me more because coming from 9 sisters, I had pink, barbie world, teen bopper overload.

Boys are simpler. They don't require as much stuff and they keep their social lives simpler and quieter for the most part. They also can be handy and do stuff that I cringe at, like killing bugs! LOL!

When I taught 1st grade, I always found it interesting during indoor recess (when it was too cold to go outside or raining) in how the girls and boys played. All the boys played together and would have battles with action figures, running around fake shooting people. With the girls there were always issues. "Jenn and the other girls won't let me play with them," "She said I'm ugly," "Haley won't share her stickers with me, but she is with the other girls" and I loved this one "Carly took my lipgloss/lipstick or other make up item." Complicated, even in the 1st grade.

However, it all depends on what type of parent you are. Some moms love to spend 2hrs picking out shoes with their daughter or listening to stories about how their daughter wishes Billy would like them, rather than Karen. Some moms even like the music by Hannah Montana! I guess I'm not one of those moms.

However, moms tend to develop really good/close relationships with their daughters that can last a lifetime. As daughters get older they can relate more and more with their moms, especially when it comes to men.

Whereas, boys don't really open up as much as they age. Most get quieter. Their not going to call you about how they lost their favorite earrings, the great deal they got on clothes at the mall or how stressful it can be to be a mom. In fact, when they reach college age, you're lucky if they call you once a month. lol! When I think about that it makes sad and I run to go cuddle my little baby boy and hold him close and kiss his little chipmunk cheeks. I want to enjoy every minute with him now because as a woman with grown kids was saying to me, "At this age, they are ALL yours." He goes everywhere with me, he's my "little boy baby" and I love him so much!


  1. I love having a boy, too! But I can't handle thinking about him growing up yet!

  2. i feel like this post is false and bias. coming from me, who has a boyfriend with 3 bothers (theres 4 boys in all in the family) alot of the things that u say about boys just arent true. for example, all boys have close relationships with their mothers, and as i have seen, call their mom often, even just to say hi at work, school, etc ( which i am sure chris does/did in college as well)

    their lives really arent simpler or quieter either, as they often have the same problems with girls that girls have with boys. not to mention they will bring girls over for family events/birthdays etc, and if there is more then one boy in the family, it is often important that all of the girls get along.

    so in short, alot of things arent true, not to mention there are some girls that arent the way u discribed, for example, i hated barbies and stopped playing with them by the time i was seven.

    See ya!
    petchie :-)

  3. you still played with barbies at some point as a kid. remember the time you packed a whole bag of shoes for a week trip? i don't think a boy would pack that many shoes. yeah, no.

  4. Hi Marjorie -

    I think you are pretty much right on. Chris loves me to the end of the earth, but he forgets to call me. I am so glad he has you to remind him.

    Love you all ...

  5. I think you could find easy and not so easy things with both genders. I thought the same way you do and then I think about getting our children to Heaven and what is a big struggle in our society for that to happen....chastity! ( I always think that route) Where it is easier with boys with the sake of modesty than with girls, then you have to worry about the girls your son is dating! and that your son doesn't objectify woman. But I agree boys are way easier with things like emotional wise and clothes and toys but I really think God outweights things with the genders.

  6. it's all about raising our children up for heaven! i think if you raise children up with the right morals and values, especially when it comes to chasity than you don't have much to worry about regardless of their gender because you trust that they are going to make the right decisions. the trust is the hardest part though.