Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've really gotten into since I got my new camera and Christopher is my favorite subject! I had his picture (3/4mo) taken at JCPenny this weekend, but I think the ones I took here came out better (the ones at Pennies were OK). By the way, has anyone ever noticed how dumb the photo packages are at these sort of places? You have to get a million of the same pose or pay a ton for individual ones you like. It's extra for black & white and they don't do retouches (in all of the pics below he had a scratch above his nose). My favorite is #6 and my second favorite is #8. So vote for your favorite one!








  1. I like #6 and #8 too and also #5. I just think it shows off his handsome features and I like his thoughtful, endearing look. :) Soooooo CUTE!


  2. I completely agree about the annoyances of the studios. I think they all need a revamping of their packages/pricing for their own benefit as well. I would spend more if I got packages that were worth it (different poses/ effects). It is so out dated when at places like sams you can print your own 11X14 for 3 dollars. In no time you are going to make up the price of your camera by not getting all the studio pics. #8 is my favorite. You are getting really good at this :)

  3. #8 is my favorite. How do you not get red eyes? They say blue eyes always pick up red eyes and Joseph's are like Christophers. Ah those blue eyes!

  4. thanks for voting everyone!

    lr: they so have too! i spent only $7.99 there in total and got a package of all the same poses. i would spend more if they gave me more choices for less. i'm actually making prints of mine at sams!

    christine: my camera automatically reduces red eye with it's crazy flashes, it's a DSLR. but if that doesn't work, i use picasa (which is a free photoshop) and with one click red eye is gone. it also has features like b&w, sepia, etc.

  5. I love all the pics, but eight is my favorite. Christopher is too adorable. (Am I partial?)