Thursday, February 19, 2009

17lbs 7ozs

At Dad's work
with his water toy
...that's how much Christopher now weighs! As for his latest endeavors, he is definitely in the pre-crawling stage. He LOVES tummy time and squeals in delight when he's on his tummy. He can crawl in a circular movement on the floor, but can't crawl forward yet. He is trying very hard though and sometimes gets frustrated when he can't reach to get a toy he wants.
He's a jump-a-holic and loves jumping, especially on people's laps. He'll fall asleep jumping. He also can pull up to a standing position which the doctor said is advanced for his age. We now need to move his crib mattress down (that's such a pain).

He's definitely teething! He grabs anything/everything to bite down on as hard as he can. I can tell that he is uncomfortable at times because of how hard he's biting and how he looks. His bottom gum is also really soft in one area. The doctor said that's a sign that he should teeth any day now. I wonder when we'll feel the first tooth bud.
Finally, he recognizes his name when you call him.

I always give developmental updates like this and it gets me wondering what stages other people's kids are in. So please share!

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