Friday, February 6, 2009

Country Music?

Uggg...I'm eating my words. Anyone that knows me knows I HATE country music with a passion and I'll spare you all the reasons why, but this is an exception. I really like Taylor Swift's music. Over Christmas I heard it when I went someone where with my youngest sister (who is 5) and she bought the CD. Afterwards, I knew I had to get the CD (even though I have only owed 5 CDs in my entire life, for real).
I love that Taylor's songs are all real. She sings about real things that have happened to her and real people, she doesn't even change their names. My fave song is "Tear Drops on my Guitar." A song about a guy named Drew that she liked, but he didn't like her back. He confides in her a tells her about another girl he has feelings for which Taylor at first thinks is her. Taylor's producers wanted her to change his name for the song, but she refused saying that she wanted to share her personal side with her audience. Feel free to share you favorite song of hers or listen to her stuff and let me know what you think!


  1. ahhaha this is funny because YOU COMPLAINED SO MUCH when i listened to her like 2 years ago!!!then when taylor started to have the "OUR SONG" on the radio and u complained all the time that it was annoying. loser.


  2. the kids said you're going to her concert for your b-day?