Monday, February 9, 2009

"How Did You Meet?"

A really common question, so common that I found I don't pay much attention to the answer. So I'm dedicating this post to finding out how people met their spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend, significant other, etc.
So here's our story...Chris and I met online on a Catholic website called Catholic Match. I was a freshman in college and my mom saw an ad in the back of a Catholic magazine for the site. She really, really wanted me to create a profile. I wasn't into online personal sites, I didn't even have a facebook profile at the time. I eventually decided to give it try, not to look for dating but just to meet new people who might live in the area and share my faith (and so my mom would quit bugging me!). My sister came across Chris' profile and told me to talk to him. That wasn't me (contacting people), so she contacted him and I was intrigued by his response! We talked online first by e-mail, then by chat and always had a lot to talk about, but neither of us wanted to jump into dating. We decided to meet eventually, but with others for safety reasons (Chris joked that I could be a guy for all he knew! lol) and go bowling.
The first meeting was O.K. I think we were both shy, but we kept talking and decided to meet again before Easter. After that we began to talk more and more online and on the phone. We went out a few more times and eventually began dating in April, after about 2 months of knowing each other. We proceeded really cautiously before deciding to date. We didn't want to feel pressured to date, just because we met on a dating site. We dated a year, were engaged for a year and will be married two years in May!
I never, never would have imagined I would have met someone online, so it's interesting how God works. I'm surprised by how many other people have met online. It seems like whenever I tell someone that's how we met, they know many people who have met the same way. We even had an article written about how we met which you can read here.
Please share your story, regardless of how long! I LOVE hearing love stories, especially around V-day! My favorite stories are of people who have known who their with since childhood or have dated since middle school, super cute:)


  1. Jason and I met through the Honors Program at La Salle. He joined in his sophomore year (our freshman year), but we both had serious significant others at the time. We also knew that we were from the same hometown and went to neighboring school districts. It wasn't until the summer between my junior and senior year that we actually talked at any length, and it was pretty much love right then. We "met" at Finnegan's and the rest is history. We had been dating about a year and a half before we got engaged and the date is set at March 6.

    What a cute and clever blog question! Christopher is growing up so fast! What a cutie.


  2. John and I met at a Chastity talk by Pam Stenzel April 9th 2002. John was with genlife for not even a year yet and I was a Junior at Kings college. My mom and Aunt sponsored the event with Genlife so they actually met John before me. My Aunt called me at college before the event and told me I had to go cause she just met my future husband!!!

  3. well since u asked me to share my story i guess i will, even tho i have a philosophy paper to write and a Stow test to study for ( you remember the days lol)well back in July of 2006., well it was the 4th of july, me and liz went to the high school to see the fireworks. We were standing there and matt was there, I even remember what he was wearing, tshirt and sweat shorts, well we started talking, exchanged screennames and we just started to talk online. We talked a lot online and on the phone and he would stop by and go for a walk with me and liz once in a while. Then around September he asked me if I wanted to go to his semi with him, which was in December, I said yeah but only if my parents said yes.

    So on Halloween he came over and we were outside and my dad came out and asked matt to come in. then my mom and dad asked him every question they could think of, how old was he, what religion, what nationality, how many family members he had etc etc. so after he left and my mom said that I could go to the dance with him but I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend.
    We hung out before semi, went to the movies, Chinese buffet with his twin brother and girlfriend, went to church together (he later became catholic because he really wanted to). After that it was pretty much a gradual thing, my parents asked him to come to family things, like Disney on Ice, and we just became boyfriend and girlfriend.

    So thats pretty much it, we've been going out for over 2 years now. im only 18 tho so were not getting married any time soon. lol although he is already putting money away for a ring for me, it seems like he's more excited to get married then i m lol!

    The End :-)

  4. Woops i forgot to say that that comment up there is from Petchie :-)

  5. thanks everyone for your great stories!