Friday, February 20, 2009

Things We've Been Up 2

1. Mario Party 8 for the Wii is the best game ever. Chris and I have been playing it nearly every night. There's one board game on there that's like monopoly which is my fave. The best part are the awesome mini-games like mosh pit (where you pop balls), tight rope walking, shake up (where you shake a soda can till it explodes), paint ball, snow ball throwing, and millions more. What I love about the Wii is that you really get to DO the activity, you don't use arrow keys like other systems.

2. Crock pot recipes are so easy! I've really gotten into it. I put dinner on in the morning (just dump stuff in) and it slow cooks all day, no stirring, mixing, checking. My favorite meal thus far was chicken breast which you put in the pot along with a can on Cream of Chicken soup. I added rice and broccoli and a little sprinkle cheese to it and it was great! Some things I think I will never cook in the oven again like pork chops. They normally dry out in the oven, but they were so tender when I used the crock pot! Chicken too, it literally falls off the bone. I save tons of time on cooking (you can leave the house with it on) and you can make really healthy meals. There are tons of websites with recipes if you google it.


  1. isnt that kinda dangerous to leave it on while your out? the food taste good tho? i mean its the chicken really wet?

  2. no they say you can leave it on and it's fine (of course you can't leave things near it). the food tastes really good, some things taste better than when you put them in the oven. it's not "wet" but really tender.