Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Art Museum

Fork with one of my dates (doesn't he look handsome, like his Dad)
Dinner I made for V-day
Valentine's Day with my new Valentine
Thank Heaven for Little Boys outfit
This Valentine's Day we stayed home and I cooked a fancy dinner. We figured it everywhere would be crowded. I made steak, carrots, potatoes and asparagus and red wine. For dessert, I made a funfetti bundt cake. It was nice and I particularly liked spending time at home.

On Sunday we went to a great place called the Fork in Philly for brunch which was yummy! I got a cheese omelet and bagel. It's a fancy place, but we took Christopher with us anyway. I love taking him places, even if it's more difficult. I like to do things as a family, it's important to us. Afterwards we went to the Philadelphia Art Museum (where we had our wedding pics taken) and it was packed! We only got to one section because of the crowds. I guess many people were looking for something to do, plus it's free on Sunday.

We exchanged simple gifts. Chris gave me a card and typed 25 reasons he loves me which was really sweet (I was mad he wouldn't do the 25 Things on fb). I made a series of hearts with little messages on them for a scavenger hunt around our house. It was a lot of fun. I'm curious about what others did for V-day and what gifts they got. Some guys go all out with jewelry/electronics for V-day. So please share what you got/what you did! Or post about a favorite past V-day that was great/funny or a catastrophe!

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