Sunday, March 8, 2009

6 Months

Big boy sitting on his own on our front porch
Love this one!
Asleep after the park
Driving the car with Daddy and Duke
On the swing for the 1st time at the park! He loved it!

On Ash Wednesday
Christopher latest accomplishment has been sitting independently. We put him in the playpen now and he will sit in there and play with blocks. It's so cute. He takes out the blocks out of their box one by one. He also can stand if he holds onto something like a table. We took him to the park for the first time this weekend. He swung in the swings there and went down the slide. (I'll post pics later).

I got digital copies of my professional wedding pics and will post them in a slideshow sometime soon. I also had the best dessert at Applebee's this weekend the Chocolate Meltdown pictured here.


  1. oooh Olive Garden has something like that too. Where the chocolate inside is warm...and then mixed with the vanilla icecream...SO GOOD! Gotta treat yourself once in a while

  2. SO GOOD! this one had vanilla ice cream too. the downside is now when we go there i'm really going to want it!

  3. I love the one in the car!!

  4. i love the little face thats hes making when hes driving the car with chris!