Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love sewing! Any kind of sewing. I've sown nearly everything from christening gowns, table cloths, dresses, costumes, embroidery, vestments, crochet, blankets, etc. Some things for myself, but mostly for others. In fact there are only two forms of sewing I've never tried: knitting and quilting. I embroidered a birth record for Christopher which I just finished (have some time now that I'm limiting Internet! lol!). The pic is really blurry and not centered, but it's much more vibrantly colored than shown. I'm now going to do a more challenging and time consuming piece of counted cross stitch (with this form of embroidery there is no stamp to follow on fabric, you have to count each stitch). Check it out here! P.S. I added new pics to the post below, so check them out!


  1. wow this looks really good, how big is it tho?

  2. I love counted cross stitch! My mom is currently working on two pieces for my cousins who are both having babies (one boy and one girl). I have taught myself to knit (very simple...scarves...I make a lot of scarves), but I would LOVE to learn to quilt. I've wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for myself to get rid of all those old t-shirts from different activities and plays. Crafting is such a stress reliever!

    - Megan

  3. it is a big stress reliever! it seems like knitting is really difficult to learn without someone showing you (i'm a visual learner), but i'd like to learn. quilting too bc they make such great gifts. i never thought about using t-shirts that way...i always donate them, but it's hard to part with them.