Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playpen Philosophy

In my experience with moms this issue seems black or white, hot or cold. There are the moms that use them and think their "safe havens" and a lifesafer for them and there are the moms that would never think of using them because their "cruel cages" that hinder their child's freedom. Now that Christopher is cruising around and sitting independently we moved the floor of the pack and play down and use it as a playpen.

Here's my philosophy. I think playpens/yards (whatever you call them) are great. Their safe, secure areas where you child can play. If they fall, it's padded. If their learning to sit up, you can prop them besides a wall. If their learning to stand, they can pull up on the rail. If you have a pet (like us), their protected (and so are their toys from dogs that think their their's). When you go to a hotel or other place you don't have to "baby proof" the whole place and they provide a clean area (hotel floors...yuck!) Finally, I hear so many stories of moms who spend their entire day moving around the house with their baby cleaning their messes."They pulled everything out of my drawers, almost fell down steps, ate a piece of trash", etc. I find it hard to commiserate with these moms because the solution to me it so simple. Put them in a playpen. How is it any different from the floor except that you know it's safe and that there are boundaries? Of course as with anything, there needs to be balance. You need to take them out and play/interact with your kids as much as possible, but for when you can't (a little thing like laundry, dinner and all those other lovely "Mom duties") why put yourself through a guilt trip? Christopher enjoys his time in there as much as I enjoy putting him in there.

So what's your playpen philosophy? Did you/would you use one? What worked for you? Any regrets? Did your parents use playpens? (Mine did and I turned out O.K. I think...)


  1. I think play pens are a great you said, safe!

  2. I never used it except for a crib when we traveled, but that is because we live in a condo, have no dog, no other kids, and I have baby proofed literally everything. I say, if you can use them so you can actually get stuff done without finding them under the TV stand when you need to cook dinner, eat lunch, fold laundry, it! So many people are extremely judgemental and it drives me nuts. And yeah as long as you let them explore outside of it as well then you are set. After a while, when they walk...bye bye play pen forever!! Live it up while you can. Today I found Joseph crashing through our gate, and up the stairs, climbing on the counter to get a starburst, and then got stuck under our bed trying to get a ball lol. The life of a toddler, totally different but you have even so much more to look forward too. And so many more laughs as well!!

  3. yeah, the whole playpen deal is done as soon as they can walk. lol!
    i wish parents weren't so judgmental. it's like as soon as they see one in your house they get on their soapbox. moms are that way about a lot of things: making your own baby food vs. buying, bottlefeeding vs breastfeeding, disposable diapers vs. cloth, etc. if something works for you great, but don't try to force other people to do the same. everyone has different situations, needs and kids do too.

  4. You are totally right on that. Like I have said before, if the Vatican came out with something, or their was an encyclical making your own baby food vs not, co-sleeping (although SIDS is statistically 95% higher so that really scares me), play pen, etc...then I would be like, "Dude, their is a moral compass with this!" It's funny how people who don't even have children have their own opinions with no experience too. I just have done my own thing with what I think is best for my child.

  5. I was raised with them, and I really like the idea of using a playpen as a safe place. I think that these days most parents use play saucers instead of playpens, but I plan on going back to the playpen instead. I noticed the cute new layout. Aren't you getting excited for spring/ summer weather. Baby clothes are the cutest in the summer time.

  6. the layout is for spring! i try to change the background for holidays/seasons! i thought this one was cute bc it was springy and blue for boy baby! lol!
    i should say too that while i do what's best for me and my child, i do go a lot on research. for example, i would never do co-sleeping bc of the higher chance of SIDS and research shows that breastfeeding is better for mom and baby, etc. so research guides my decisions too. good point christine.