Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 Months...

Baby makes 3! One of the family shots from Picture People
Another one...I actually came up with the pose.
Christopher in his car seat on the way there. His eyes match the hat!
I love all the fun hats you can put on little boys!
Mommy and baby (he kept trying to look at cars going by! lol!)
I LOVE his chipmunk cheeks!
Always has his tongue out or semi-out
In the nursery. Chris took this awesome photo!!! It's so artistic with the reflection!
Me...haha! I hardly get any alone now.
"I still live at home" shirt! This got me thinking about him growing up and made really sad :(
In his stroller! He loves walks and can sit like a big boy now (gerber smile again).

...and so cute! He is now 18lbs and 8 ozs! This is one of the best ages! Christopher is so interactive and interested in everything. He wants to put everything into his mouth, loves looking at himself in the mirror (although I don't think he knows it's him), and is so curious. He will lean to look at something he wants to see and crys if you take something he wants away from him. He is into Duke's little dog tag that hangs from his collar. He'll touch it and look at Duke and giggle, they are so cute together! Christopher also crawls backwards and sidewides, but not forward yet! So frustrating! He will get so close too. He has all the motions down, but ends up going backwards?

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  1. It's actually totally normal for babies to start out crawling backwards. Even though it looks the same, going forwards uses different muscle groups and he needs to strengthen them first. He sounds right on target! <3Ania