Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding Weekend

My Dad brought this dress for me
Mommy and chimunk cheeks
We spent this past weekend in Lancaster visiting Chris' family. It was a busy, but fun trip! We went to this awesome baby store called Bella Boo in Lancaster City and spent an hour in there looking around. It was an amazing store! They had high end coaches, car seats and prams. As well as tons of old fashoined wooden toys (my favorite) and beautiful clothes. Chris' mom got Christopher a little wooden rattle with a bell and a push toy for his birthday (an early gift). We went out to Applebees for Chris' belated birthday party and I ate his free dessert...yum (Chris is not a dessert person...typical guy). On Saturday we went to a friend's wedding (Christopher's first wedding) which was beautiful. The weather was picture perfect and they are a great couple. On Saturday night we went out bowling while Chris' mom babysat Christopher. He comes everywhere with me and has only been watched by someone else twice! So naturally, I worried/thought about him the whole time we were bowling. Finally on Sunday we visited Chris' Dad for lunch.

On our way back home we picked up Duke from the kennel. We paid $25 for him to be groomed, but they only gave him a bath! They said we needed to tell them if we wanted them to cut his now long hair. I thought grooming included that. I was pretty mad and complained to the staff saying that I wouldn't have paid $25 for him just to get a bath. I would have done it myself for free at home. Oh well, I'll just have to take him to Petsmart and spend $30 again for him to get his fur cut.

I know I mentioned this on facebook, but I've been looking for a convertible/booster car seat for Christopher and have narrowed it down to two that I like. The maxi cosi priori (click for a pics) and the britax sutton. The maxi cosi will hold him till 4 yrs old and the britax till 6 yrs. I have 20% off at babies r us and gift cards of $100+, so the price doesn't matter (lucky me) and right now I would get free shipping (talk about a shopopportunity!). The maxi cosi is really cute and easy to clean (it's of a plastic material) and shorter in height, but I would need to buy him a booster later on. While the britax is top of the line and I wouldn't have to purchase him a car seat again, but it's tall and would probably block some of my back window. I should also mention that I don't get gender specific baby items, but I'm going to get a blue car seat to match Chris' seats in his car (which are dark blue) and because blue is my fave color and doesn't show stains. So please look at the pics and let me know what one you like or think I should get!

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